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The QBean Coin is a well developed crypto currency that will revolutionize normal purchasing and investments. The currency is backed by latest AI software that will enable everyone to have access to our platform. One of the biggest advantages of the QBean coin is the cashless element that will allow quick and seamless buying and selling transactions. Our platform is perfect for developing countries to ease the hassle of carrying cash. Our platform supports a newly developed system where we will pay you to travel, play games and watching your favorite movies and sport.

About Us

The QBean Coin is a Global Crypto Trading Currency platform developed by United States, India, Asian and South African developers. A dedicated team that is skilled in Digital Innovation, Banking, Crypto Trade Exchanges, Tracking, and Digital Streaming Technology. Our Technology is backed by AI (Artificial Intelligence), evolved blockchain infrastructure that will take live technology, and media streaming to another level. The Crypto coin is backed by major industries and leading technology experts that have been seeing the rise of AI for the past ten years. The time is now and globally the markets are ready to take that Next Step.

Media Press Releases

Qbean Coin Featuring on Global News Outlets

Our Partners

Our Coin Advantages

Explore the main advantages of our program in the short.


Buying and Selling of the Coins will happen in Seconds, unlike other cryptocurrencies that take up to 5 to 10 minutes to process through the blockchain.


The Coin is currently operating on the Ethereum Blockchain that has been the most secure platform to date. The currency is decentralized making all transactions safe and autonomous.

Debit Cards

Unlike other decentralized currencies, our platform allows our currency owners the opportunity to draw directly from their debit cards.


In as much as our coin is decentralized, we have a platform that collaborates with partners to allow consumers to convert their Qbeans to flat Currency (Dollars, Euros, Pounds, or Rands) and use our debit card Instantly.


Our Coin is available globally with various platforms and exchanges that trade our coin. The coin is backed by global technology, travel, transport, AI, and Media Platforms.


Our Coin on the Ethereum Blockchain is highly scalable with development advances to ensure the coin has longevity.


The true value of our coin is engrained into a unique ecosystem where our coin can be bought and sold. Our ecosystem enable various industries to commerce on one platform to use our QBean currency and reach over 900 million people globally to benefit from the ecosystem.







VIP Early Coin Sale Offering

We offer early Investors a chance to buy as many Qbean coins before 30th September 2020 and take advantage of the huge demand that will follow when all our coins will go public on Coinbase and other major crypto exchanges



Trading at $0.06
FREE QBean Goody Bag



Trading at $0.06
FREE QBean Goody Bag
12 Month Free Xtratain Subscription



Trading at $0.06
FREE QBean Goody Bag
24 Month Free Xtratain Subscription
Free Drawstring Bag

QBean Crypto Currency Debit Card

Introducing the first and only debit card funded directly by your QBean Crypto Currency balance! The Debit Card can be used to shop online, pay for goods and services, and withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide using your balance in the form of USD, EUR,GBP or CNY.

There is no need to manually fund cards for each use as funds are situated directly in a users QBean Crypto Currency. Once the card is used, dollars from the balance are exchanged. These funds are exchanged at the time of the transaction, before or after.

No Setup Cost

We guarantee that there are no hidden setup costs.

No Transfer Fees

We also guarantee that there are no transfer fees.

QBean Bonus Coins

50 FREE QBean Bonus Coin when you Sign Up before 1st July 2020

How to Begin ?

  • *Sign up to the QBean Platform and verify your email
  • *Buy the $45 Mining Package to qualify for the Debit Card and Reward Benefits
  • *On your login Dasboard sign up for the Global QBean Debit Card and send a clear copy of your ID, Drivers license or Passport, also send a copy of your proof of residence for KYC regulations.
  • * After successful verification we will mail you your card within 7 to 14 working days.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed below send us your question at support@qbeancoin.com

Any individual over the age of 18 years old or a company from any country can open an account with us. The only condition is that our terms of services are accepted.
We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin for payments.
No, we do not charge any fees.
If you are a QBean registered user, please enter your username and password at the top of the website in the correct fields, and press the ' Login to Account ' button.
Click on the forgot password link, enter your e-mail address and follow the instructions. You'll receive your account information by email.
Such problems are occasionally caused by errors within your web browser. There is no reason to worry; you just have to wait a couple of minutes and then try to log in again. If you still experience problems with logging in, you need to clear your web browser cache. If the problem persists, please contact our customer service centre at support@qbeancoin.com.
The QBean network is not instant, so your deposit time can take from 15 minutes up to 24 hours to be processed.
Yes, there is no limitation. You can make as many deposits as you want. Please note that the provided investment contracts are limited.
Additional deposits into an account will be processed separately. It is not possible to merge one of your investment with another one.
Your withdrawal request will be processed within 24 hours.
The minimum amount is $20.00 USD and the maximum amount is $10 000.00 USD per day.
You can withdraw funds after 45 days of your deposit, after that every single day, week or at the end of your contract.
Your referral link is created automatically when you open an account. You can find a referral link in your main account menu.
The referral commission is accrued to your account balance immediately after your referral makes a deposit.
The referral system works during registration and is fully automatic. If an investor signs up via your referral link, the system will treat that investor as your referral.
There is a huge difference. This is not a multilevel marketing scheme or pyramid; it is a referral program for investors to make more money by introducing more people to our platform. Your investment is not guaranteed as any other global investment, but we will guarantee your capital amount for six months if the bitcoin price remains above $6000.00 for 70% of your 12-month contract.
There are 5900 contracts available. The contracts are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis divided into 6 packages starting from a Starter Package to the Elite Package.
We have various payment options which you can choose from. One of the payment options is Payeer. You can register a Payeer account for free and deposit money to your Payeer account using your MasterCard or Visa card. Log into your Qbean account, select your investment package, select the Payeer option and then continue to purchase your contract through your Payeer account.
Depending on the processing of the Payeer administration and the Crypto blockchain, it would be between 3 to 24 hours. If a deposit has not reflected after 24 hours, please send us an email on support@qbeancoin.com.
You can withdraw and deposit to your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Payeer or the QBean Debit Card.
Besides gaining a huge return on your investment, you will receive 50 free QBean coins for just registering on our platform. If you purchase one of our packages, you will receive an additional amount of QBean coins ranging from 200 to 60 000 coins.
Your full referral commission gets paid out 45 days after the initial purchase of the set contract. Example: If a $10 000 contract has been purchase under your referral code you will receive the full 10% commission = $1000 after 45 days.

Payment Options Accepted

We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin Visa and MasterCard Payments

The world's easiest Payment Service.

Bitcoin Cash
Coin Payment
Visa Mard Card

Merchant Outlet country and transaction currency

Please take note that our Merchant Outlet Country for all DPO pay gate options are in South Africa and transaction currency will be make in ZAR (South African Rand)