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The QBean Coin is a well developed crypto currency that will revolutionize normal purchasing and investments. The currency is backed by latest AI software that will enable everyone to have access to our platform. One of the biggest advantages of the QBean coin is the cashless element that will allow quick and seamless buying and selling transactions. Our platform is perfect for developing countries to ease the hassle of carrying cash. Our platform supports a newly developed system where we will pay you to travel, play games and watching your favorite movies and sport.

About Us

The QBean Coin is a Global Crypto Trading Currency platform developed by United States, India, Asian and South African developers. A dedicated team that is skilled in Digital Innovation, Banking, Crypto Trade Exchanges, Tracking, and Digital Streaming Technology. Our Technology is backed by AI (Artificial Intelligence), evolved blockchain infrastructure that will take live technology, and media streaming to another level. The Crypto coin is backed by major industries and leading technology experts that have been seeing the rise of AI for the past ten years. The time is now and globally the markets are ready to take that Next Step.

Media Press Releases

Qbean Coin Featuring on Global News Outlets

Our Coin Advantages

Explore the main advantages of our program in the short.


Buying and Selling of the Coins will happen in Seconds, unlike other cryptocurrencies that take up to 5 to 10 minutes to process through the blockchain.


The Coin is currently operating on the Ethereum Blockchain that has been the most secure platform to date. The currency is decentralized making all transactions safe and autonomous.

Debit Cards

Unlike other decentralized currencies, our platform allows our currency owners the opportunity to draw directly from their debit cards.


In as much as our coin is decentralized, we have a platform that collaborates with partners to allow consumers to convert their Qbeans to flat Currency (Dollars, Euros, Pounds, or Rands) and use our debit card Instantly.


Our Coin is available globally with various platforms and exchanges that trade our coin. The coin is backed by global technology, travel, transport, AI, and Media Platforms.


Our Coin on the Ethereum Blockchain is highly scalable with development advances to ensure the coin has longevity.


The true value of our coin is engrained into a unique ecosystem where our coin can be bought and sold. Our ecosystem enable various industries to commerce on one platform to use our QBean currency and reach over 900 million people globally to benefit from the ecosystem.